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This book really was a shock to it’s dark dexterity. I really appreciate the author going beyond a fun empowering book and including the hardships that came with empowerment. I would definitely recommend this book. :)

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Lessons in Chemistry

Books | Bonnie Garmus

This book was dark and amazing. Truly spoke to Madeline Millers themes of Gods affecting side characters in the “great stories”. Truly a great tale.

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Books | Madeline Miller

This book was a beautiful story told by two sisters done wrong by men and paying their price like Selema and Medusa. Being blinded by men’s “heroics” or “glories”. However the writing style was not for me and made it very difficult to read. A lot of unnecessary descriptions and repetitions.

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Books | Jennifer Saint

Circe was a very powerful book about a women crushed in a man’s world but makes it her own. It is a great and powerful read!

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Books | Madeline Miller

I’ve never read something so poetic as a modern read. It was truly just a magical book that left me in tears and happiness.

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The Song of Achilles

Books | Madeline Miller

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