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Angie Fair



Great story to lose yourself in.

The Night Circus imageThe Night Circus image

The Night Circus

Books | Erin Morgenstern

This was such a great real life experience. I couldn’t put it down. I was so interested in the science of emotion that was flowing through this book. LOVED.

When Breath Becomes Air imageWhen Breath Becomes Air image

When Breath Becomes Air

Books | Paul Kalanithi

Loved this book! The author researched so much about the past and interviewed everyone he could to try and set the scene. The movie is called “Defiance” but it is disappointing compared to the book. Read first!

The Bielski Brothers imageThe Bielski Brothers image

The Bielski Brothers

Books | Peter Duffy

Good book to keep around for light reading

Out There imageOut There image

Out There

Books | Michael Wall

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