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Love this one. Enjoy getting others to watch. Just a hint though, don't grow to attached to the side characters.

Attack on Titan imageAttack on Titan image

Attack on Titan

Shows | Animation

This is the first book to my all time favorite book series ever. Not for everyone since it is a long read but I love it so much. Some say it has a slow start and didn't get hooked till sometime after page 100 but it is worth it. I have this in hard copy, ebook and audio. Almost always down for talking about some WoT.

The Eye of the World imageThe Eye of the World image

The Eye of the World

Books | Robert Jordan

This one is okay. I enjoyed it but don't love it. I like studying ancient Egypt so anything involving it gets my attention. Lots don't match the mythology but still fun.

Gods of Egypt imageGods of Egypt image

Gods of Egypt

Movies | Action

Honestly all of the Wheel of Time books are fantastic to me. Each in their own way.

The Fires Of Heaven imageThe Fires Of Heaven image

The Fires Of Heaven

Books | Robert Jordan

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