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this series is literally amazing so far im obsessed with all the characters. this one was very different from the deal but still amazing. grace is so cute and logan says all the right things. it felt like this one focused more on things around them and more heavy things going on in their life, but in “the deal” it was more of just focused on Hannah and Garrett and how they came together (which isn’t bad just saying it’s different.)

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The Mistake

Books | Elle Kennedy

Ok so I honestly loved this book it got straight into the actual story instead of taking like 20 chapters to describe the detail of a main characters moms life or something. It definitely kept me entertained because i could not put it down i read it for 8 hours today. Also the author is an amazing writer. i did not get bored once, the whole time i read this book.

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The Deal

Books | Elle Kennedy

I really enjoyed reading this book it was definitely interesting. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because there was a lot of like petty drama and the bullying was just TOO much in then beginning. I really really liked that it was kind of two opposite types of people that got together and them being girls made it low key better.

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Tryst Six Venom

Books | Penelope Douglas

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