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i cause problems on purpose


i got a bit bored reading this book (wilder girls was more interesting for me personally), but the body horror and the thriller aspect were really cool !! rory power never misses

Burn Our Bodies Down imageBurn Our Bodies Down image

Burn Our Bodies Down

Books | Rory Power

bro i have no words to describe how much i loved this book. had me crying at the end though :(

Crooked Kingdom imageCrooked Kingdom image

Crooked Kingdom

Books | Leigh Bardugo

i got bored towards the end :( but it was really well written, i love madeleine miller's work <3

Circe imageCirce image


Books | Madeline Miller

i think i read this book when i was way too young 😃

Looking for Alaska imageLooking for Alaska image

Looking for Alaska

Books | John Green

loved this book when i was younger, i thought it was so funny. would probably dislike it now though tbh

Paper Towns imagePaper Towns image

Paper Towns

Books | Hamzer akyuz

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