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B-bo Is Awesome



Anime and cartoons! That’s where the good stuffs at! 😌👌😂


One of my favourite movies! It’s hilarious and action packed and I could honestly watch it all day. 😊 It’s definitely worth a watch.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit imageWho Framed Roger Rabbit image

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Movies | Fantasy

I think it’s great from what I’ve seen so far!! 😁 The merry melodies bits are weird but entertaining. 😂 And the road runner skits are pretty solid. 👌 The rest of the show and characters are very well done and I am loving it!

The Looney Tunes Show imageThe Looney Tunes Show image

The Looney Tunes Show

Shows | Animation

Absolutely adore this show!! It was so good, had a solid plot and a plot twist that I honestly did not see coming. Not to mention the animation is beautiful and the characters are very endearing and likable! ☺️ I really hope season 2 comes out soon, cause I am hooked!! 🤗

Green Eggs and Ham imageGreen Eggs and Ham image

Green Eggs and Ham

Shows | Animation

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