Sci-fi detective show - set in Australia but starring two twins that are part of an Indian family. They get involved in a plot to control children at school. But one of the best features of the show is their grandmother who is an absolute wonder and a great job of casting. I enjoyed the peek into Indian culture in a country that wasn't India. And the two boys, are real twins, very smart and handsome. This is the very fun show.

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The Unlisted

Shows | Family

This is the best of all the Star trek movies. The only one that comes close is "Star Trek IV - The voyage home." It features Captain Jean-Luc Picard at his absolute best. it has the Borg. It has the origins of Warp drive. It has Vulcans. It has time travel. It really has everything. I can still rewatch it and enjoy it many many times later.

Star Trek: First Contact imageStar Trek: First Contact image

Star Trek: First Contact

Movies | Science Fiction

I have to admit I did not like the show when it first came out. It was before it's time. Long after I realized how absolutely unique and interesting it was, well written, well plotted, with just a great cast. I along with a lot of people really feel badly about not watching this when it was first on.

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Shows | Drama

Never thought I'd like a movie about a methamphetamine drug cartel leader and his sidekick and cohorts. But as you get into it the amazing writing, fantastic plot, great characters and even better acting makes this one of the best TV series of all time.

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Breaking Bad

Shows | Drama

Being a long time comics fan, I understand why those type of people did not like this movie. Compare it to the first Captain America - that was a superb way to introduce the origins of the character. Becoming a Green Lantern is one of the best parts of this superhero. It's a magical and mystical process, driven by some unknown aspect of the green power ring. And the director just whizzed through it like it meant nothing. When and why and how the ring picks someone is not just an accident. It's because of their character and worthiness as Thor might have put it. Secondly, they introduced way too many villains. But that said, Ryan Reynolds does a fair job and it's a fun movie in the superhero genre. They just could have done a much much better job.

Green Lantern imageGreen Lantern image

Green Lantern

Movies | Adventure

This was one of the most unique TV shows (in the first season) that I've ever seen in this genre. And then the creator took the show in an entirely different direction in the second season, dropping characters, changing focus - a huge mistake. NBC tried to stop him but eventually they just canceled the show. Anybody who was alive when NBC broadcast the very first season will remember what this phrase meant, and how hugely popular it was: "Save the cheerleader, Save the world!" The characters, the writing in the story were thrilling and amazing to watch.

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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