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6.5/10 berserk is going to a place known to be a holy land to save people from harm and death. It turns out this holy land is a temple where they torture people and heretics and lady faraness is burning ppl at the stake just like she did when she was young. Casca is outside the temple waiting to be “saved” with a bunch of prostitutes when one of the prostitutes gets caught being in a satanic orgy and when casca shows up all of the demons become apparent to people around her in the real world due to her mark. They all see these demons and assume she summoned them using witch craft. Guts defend of some wheel demons and the little kid he saved in the beginning of the volume appears before hand and seems to be a mini version of guts. He sees the skull knight and they discuss the holy land and share that an apostle is nearby and the “hawk of light” is attempted to create another eclipse.

Berserk Volume 18 imageBerserk Volume 18 image

Berserk Volume 18

Books | Kentaro Miura

7/10 Guts escapes after getting captured by iron chain knight. He gets his equipment and takes lady Farnese captive. After escaping the other world souls try to pursue guts at night because of the mark. Lady faranese is exposed to the demon world and even gets possessed by a demon soul and tries to seduce guts. Then she gets saved by one of her men but she’s scarred for life after what happened to her, her faith in god is decreasing. King of midland dies. Famine and plague is killing many many people. Guts gets a premonition of some sort of casca getting burned on a stake so he runs back to rickert and the blacksmith. He learns she has escaped and has no idea where she went 2 nights prior. The blacksmith and rickert build guts new gear and he ventures of to find casca based on the things he saw in the premonition. It also seems that other are seeing a similar dream and are migrating to the same place to be safe of plague and famine because they think it’s a message from god.

Berserk Volume 17 imageBerserk Volume 17 image

Berserk Volume 17

Books | Kentaro Miura

7.5/10 Guts defeats Sabine and her army of elves. The iron chain knights capture guts at a weak moment after his fight and take him prisoner and lady Farnese tortures guts. Guts actually acknowledges puck as puck instead of a bug or creature.

Berserk Volume 16 imageBerserk Volume 16 image

Berserk Volume 16

Books | Kentaro Miura

7/10 after saving Jill and her village she ventures out to find her friend rosaline who turns into a “elf”. Guts does the same but goes to the misty valley to kill the “elves” because they are actually demons from the other world disguised as elves. Jill almost gets turned into a elf until guts shows up and burns all the cocoons for the elves.

Berserk Volume 15 imageBerserk Volume 15 image

Berserk Volume 15

Books | Kentaro Miura

7.5/10 casca gives birth to a demon fetus who supposedly belongs to guts, but possibly Griffith as well. It disappeared and is said to return one day as a demon. Guts encounters a demon in front of rickets and finds a big sword just for him and a false hand that is also can release a highly explosive shot. He decides to leave casca under rickerts care and goes off alone as the black swordsman once more. Fast forwards to guts with puck again and they go kill a bunch of devil demon elves and then kill an apostle named vuana who keeps killing young women.

Berserk Volume 14 imageBerserk Volume 14 image

Berserk Volume 14

Books | Kentaro Miura

9/10 Griffith sacrifices all the band of the hawk to become one of newest demons of the godhand. Throughout the sacrifice and Griffith’s transition, guts fights for his life battling any demon or godhand member in sight. Losing limbs and becoming more and more damaged. After Griffith becomes a demon of the godhand, he takes casca and starts to molest/rape her as guts watches. After the skull knight breaks the eclipse, guts and casca are the only ones left from the hawk and they are both left damaged in all types of ways. They are also branded with the Mark of sacrifice. Casca loses her memory, guts with many physical injuries. He then tries to run from where rickert healed him. And realizes he still sees these demonic creatures and it’s not a dream. The skull knight appears and explains he is now forever stuck between the real world and the demon world. And demon souls will come to cling on and claim his life and he will be followed by them for the rest of his life with the mark of sacrifice.

Berserk Volume 13 imageBerserk Volume 13 image

Berserk Volume 13

Books | Kentaro Miura

8.5/10 after saving Griffith guts explains his plans are still to leave but now casca wants to stay and help Griffith return to good health and be able to support him. Griffith over here’s this and uses what we strength he has and runs away, he finds the behelit in a body of water and it’s eyes is open with blood pouring out. Guts catches up and tries to carry him back when a eclipse appears and a bunch of figures emerge below everyone and in the sky that looks like faces. Turns out they are in some sort of demon area, the godhand specifically chose Griffith using the behelit to become the next guardian of desire member. Griffith must decide wether to leave everyone in the hawks to die as a sacrifice to become a guardian. Guts tries to stop Griffith but he decides his dream is more important and guts only slowed him down.

Berserk Volume 12 imageBerserk Volume 12 image

Berserk Volume 12

Books | Kentaro Miura

8/10 black dogs chase down the hawks. Wyald the leader of the black dogs turns out to be inhumane and a monster just like Nosferatu. Wyald beats everyone up until guts nearly kills him and leaves him unconscious. Thinking Wyald is defeated, guts decides to rest and get patched up until Wyald begins to attack again. Shortly following this event, nosferatu comes back and calls Griffith the 5th, I’m assuming the godhand. Also nosferatu kills Wyald and sucks him into a hole in the floor.

Berserk Volume 11 imageBerserk Volume 11 image

Berserk Volume 11

Books | Kentaro Miura

7.5/10 guts agrees to stay and help casca rescue Griffith, but he’s leaving and wants casca to come with him after. They find Griffith and the torturer tries to trap them. Guts goes on a rampage, breaks the door and kills all the guards coming after them all the way until the outside of the tower. He continues to fight until the get to the underground escape route and encounter a super human assassin group. They defeat most of them except one who brought back the princess who was poisoned. The king killed the remaining assassin and requested the black dog knights go fight and kill Griffith and bring his head.

Berserk Volume 10 imageBerserk Volume 10 image

Berserk Volume 10

Books | Kentaro Miura

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