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Brian Dupree, Jr.



It was an odd combination of serious satire/commentary on capitalism and a purely riveting comeback story. I didn't know whether to be disturbed by the hyperbole of our society or to relish in the character development. The point of the movie is very confusing, but I definitely enjoyed it.

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Sorry to Bother You

Movies | Fantasy

Powerful stuff. Racial trauma depicted as horror. A visceral illustration and reminder of what many people experienced. And the legacy of our country's prejudice still plague us today. Thankful for artists who keep history and truth alive in a meaningful way.

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Shows | Drama

Wonderfully horrific. So well produced. The name sounded gimicky to me, but it's so so good. I'm a huge fan of Stephen king, but I didn't know it was his story until the end. Very typical vibe of horror thriller without just being pop-out or gruesome. Can't recommend enough.

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In the Tall Grass

Movies | Drama

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