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This book was as good as 9th House. I consider this series and Six of Crows to be peak Bardugo.

Hell Bent imageHell Bent image

Hell Bent

Books | Leigh Bardugo

Ana DArma did a terrific job acting. However, I thought the movie was disjointed and too long.

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Shows | Drama

This was a very well written book about unsolved murders in rural Sweeden. It real highlights the persistence and personality of the lead investigator. I highly recommend.

Blaze Me a Sun imageBlaze Me a Sun image

Blaze Me a Sun

Books | Christoffer Carlsson

This was the final book in the trilogy. It was good, but too long. I really liked the dialog. There was a lot of sarcastic banter between Sal, the main protagonist, and whoever she encountered. I also really liked the innovative abilities of the various males. The most unusual was a woman mage who could control flying vipers by playing her violin đŸŽ».

Three Axes to Fall imageThree Axes to Fall image

Three Axes to Fall

Books | Sam Sykes

An octopus colony that can communicate amongst themselves and defend themselves against humans. An almost human AI robot and octopus loving scientist stranded and trying to communicate with the octopus 🐙. Big business wanting to study, dissect a n d destroy the 🐙. Will the octopus colony survive? Very interesting concepts in this book book ook

The Mountain in the Sea imageThe Mountain in the Sea image

The Mountain in the Sea

Books | Ray Nayler

This new YA book has a unique perspective. The author is autistic and her main character is a teenage changeling girl who is autistic and has problems controlling her magic. Iselin and her twin sister go off on a quest to find treasure and are joined by two other teens that they are thrown together with. Good exploration of interpersonal dynamics throughout their quest. This is a very "clean" book for thosthims is a criteria.

Unseelie imageUnseelie image


Books | Ivelisse Housman

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