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Really great movie!! I don’t usually like scarier movies but this film was really well done. The casting is immaculate because it perfectly weaves the characters together because of the similar features between the main characters. And the cinematography is fantastic it’s almost addicting. I felt like I was in a trance watching this movie. I recommend it, 10/10

Last Night in Soho imageLast Night in Soho image

Last Night in Soho

Movies | Drama

It is now one of my favorite movies. Honestly I was hesitant to watch it because it was in black and white and I hadn’t seen it advertised very much. But I’m so glad that I did watch it because it was a great film. It’s a really good and heartwarming story. A black and white movie is a bold choice in today’s cinema but don’t let that hold u back from seeing this film. In the end, the movie being in black and white feels natural and it enhances the experience. 10/10 movie!!

C'mon C'mon imageC'mon C'mon image

C'mon C'mon

Movies | Drama

It was honestly a really good movie and adaptation. If you’re able to see it you should!!

West Side Story imageWest Side Story image

West Side Story

Movies | Crime

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