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This has been my only 5 star read of the entire year. I was intrigued from page 1. I kept thinking I knew what was going on and how it was going to end. But it wasn’t what I expected at all. The writing style as a letter was absolutely brilliant.

The Turn of the Key imageThe Turn of the Key image

The Turn of the Key

Books | Ruth Ware

This book was absolutely brilliant. It was a great story of family secrets that all collide into one ending. I’m still thinking about it weeks later.

We Are the Brennans imageWe Are the Brennans image

We Are the Brennans

Books | Tracey Lange

Jewell never fails to provide an interesting story. It was more than anything thought-provoking: what moments in our lives have lead us to this very moment? Was there anything we could do better to save the lives of loved ones? Twisted tale is worth every minute.

The House We Grew Up In imageThe House We Grew Up In image

The House We Grew Up In

Books | Lisa Jewell

I read The Girl on the Train so quickly. All the characters are a little odd which I think makes this book so good - no one wants to read about the “perfect” person, when we are all imperfect.I started to suspect the culprit early on, but was still surprised in the end. I was rooting for Rachel the entire story - including continually yelling at her through the pages. I could feel her embarrassment and shame. The story was brilliant.

The Girl on the Train imageThe Girl on the Train image

The Girl on the Train

Books | Paula Hawkins

This was a quick read. I love thrillers but sometimes I need a more “light hearted” mystery. This series always delivers.

Dim Sum of All Fears imageDim Sum of All Fears image

Dim Sum of All Fears

Books | Vivien Chien

Everyone I follow said it was 4-5 stars. I had to pick it up when it was on sale. And it did not disappoint! You have an idea of the killer - they definitely are suspicious BUT in the way it is revealed and caught, I would have NEVER anticipated that. I couldn’t stop flipping the page. I don’t think I’ve ever read that quickly. Definitely a great winter thriller!

One by One imageOne by One image

One by One

Books | Ruth Ware

Interesting way of saying the President is “missing.” I was very intrigued by the book. Kept me up at night - definitely recommend.

The President Is Missing imageThe President Is Missing image

The President Is Missing

Books | James Patterson

⭐️⭐️⭐️ First of all - the prologue set up the story so well. You were routing for Mam to come back the whole time. You are just waiting for Etty to learn to forgive for that moment the entire book. In general the story was slow, but the prologue kept pushing me to finish it. I never expected the last 5 chapters or so to be what they were. Pack some tissues for this read.. These sisters will take you on one emotional ride.

The Orphan Sisters imageThe Orphan Sisters image

The Orphan Sisters

Books | Shirley Dickson

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