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Carmen Bray



This is different the anything that's been on Netflix in a long time. I had all the emotions with this one. Happy, sad, angry, heart broken. I can recommend!

What Happened to Monday imageWhat Happened to Monday image

What Happened to Monday

Movies | Science Fiction

Absolutely my favorite series! I was depressed when I had watched them all. You are really drawn to the characters and especially the location. My husband loves it too! Quirky comedy, serious loves, drama, situations your just drawn in to. I even love the dog!

Doc Martin imageDoc Martin image

Doc Martin

Shows | Comedy

Love all of the Nicolas Sparks movies!

Dear John imageDear John image

Dear John

Movies | Drama

Best of the die hard movies! Classic Bruce Willis. Action packed!

Die Hard imageDie Hard image

Die Hard

Movies | Action

Because I have more insurance and I'm not afraid the use it! Lol! Kathy Bates is hilarious!

Fried Green Tomatoes imageFried Green Tomatoes image

Fried Green Tomatoes

Movies | Drama

Love Dustin Hoffman in this movie!

Rain Man imageRain Man image

Rain Man

Movies | Drama

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