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Caroline Mauri



Reading the book now during working hours lol but the movie was so beautiful..I wish he didn't have to die but he was right he would never have been happy with so many complications.

Me Before You imageMe Before You image

Me Before You

Movies | Drama

Love, Rosie is a great movie...the actors have the best chemistry and the story was pure love. He would have stayed if he really knew.

Love, Rosie imageLove, Rosie image

Love, Rosie

Movies | Comedy

They fall in love!! Lol hated the fact that her mother protected to much because she lost another child. She was fine and she wanted to live.

Everything, Everything imageEverything, Everything image

Everything, Everything

Movies | Drama

A spirit the goes into different bodies and is in love with a girl? What's not to love?!

Every Day imageEvery Day image

Every Day

Movies | Drama

The story behind it and how she falls in love..I'm a big sucker for that

Midnight Sun imageMidnight Sun image

Midnight Sun

Movies | Romance

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