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Cassidy Ison



Such an amazing ending to an amazing series, your girl Aelin really is the ****.

Kingdom of Ash imageKingdom of Ash image

Kingdom of Ash

Books | Sarah J. Maas

And this was my least favorite from the series 😂 I just wasn’t a fan of the cliffhanger or chaol at this point.

Tower of Dawn imageTower of Dawn image

Tower of Dawn

Books | Sarah J. Maas

I think this book was my fav books from the series!

Empire of Storms imageEmpire of Storms image

Empire of Storms

Books | Sarah J. Maas

This is such an amazing collection of novellas, definitely a slow beginning but was an amazing book by the end.

The Assassin's Blade imageThe Assassin's Blade image

The Assassin's Blade

Books | Sarah J. Maas

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