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GOOD GOD the beginning made me want to give it 2.5 stars. It was so drawn out and took forever to world build. I understand that they had to world build and introduce 6 “main characters” (plus some) back stories, but lorddddd it took around 200 pages. After hitting the halfway mark I was HOOKED. So glad I didn’t DNF like I was considering. Definitely going to read the next one after that ending 😅

The Atlas Six: The Atlas Book 1 imageThe Atlas Six: The Atlas Book 1 image

The Atlas Six: The Atlas Book 1

Books | Olivie Blake

Wow. All I can say is WOW. I was hooked the entire book and always wanted to read ✨one more chapter✨ Whenever you think you can guess what’s coming, you’re going to be wrong and it’s amazing.

Verity imageVerity image


Books | Colleen Hoover

It’s definitely a good read. If you’re looking for something with a fast plot this isn’t it because the story builds for most of the book towards the end but overall it hooked me in and was interesting!

Reckless Girls imageReckless Girls image

Reckless Girls

Books | Rachel Hawkins

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