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The age of Adeline is such a beautiful story. The role of Adeline was made for Blake Lively as she was incredible in this film. I don’t typically watch this genre but I really enjoyed it.

The Age of Adaline imageThe Age of Adaline image

The Age of Adaline

Movies | Fantasy

Close is a good movie but I expected it to be much better. Noomi was kickass as always though and a pleasure to watch.

Close imageClose image


Movies | Action

I think this movie is excellent and highly underrated. It’s action packed and full of twists and turns along the way. In my opinion it’s a must watch for action lovers. 10/10.

Wanted imageWanted image


Movies | Action

Very good spy thriller. This series is filled with action, suspense, and mystery. I would highly recommend this show. 10/10.

In From the Cold imageIn From the Cold image

In From the Cold

Shows | Drama

Excellent series about a science experiment gone wrong. It’s the perfect show with superpowers that’s quirky, interesting, and binge worthy. After the last episode I definitely need to know what happened next. It’s a 9/10.

The Imperfects imageThe Imperfects image

The Imperfects


Intriguing mystery series but not one I would watch again. It was interesting but was lacking in a way I can’t explain. I am glad I watched it though. I understand the positive reviews but wish the ending was more complete.

Pieces of Her imagePieces of Her image

Pieces of Her

Shows | Crime

Unpopular opinion but I enjoyed this movie. Was it great? No, but I thought it was good and had a lot of potential despite the semi confusing ending.

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Movies | Action

Going into this movie my expectations were based off the Angelina Jolie films which was a mistake. When I switched focus and starting viewing this film as its own entity I found it more enjoyable. Lead actress Alicia Vikander was excellent in this take on Tomb Raider. This film is a really good action/adventure watch and set itself up perfectly for a sequel. It’s a 8/10.

Tomb Raider imageTomb Raider image

Tomb Raider

Movies | Action

I didn’t know what to expect when I began this show but I am so glad I watched it. The later seasons were my favorite but as a whole I loved it. Sitcoms other than Friends aren’t typically my cup of tea but this show was funny, clever, informative, and had well developed characters who grew into so much more throughout the series. I would give this show a 10/10.

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The Big Bang Theory

Shows | Comedy

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