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Amazing book, definitely the most real of the three. SUPER relatable themes about caregiver burnout and cultural pressures based on where you land in the family hierarchy. Love how the ending wasn’t an easygoing “as soon as she gets the guy, all the other loose ends are immediately tied”. Definitely recommend.

The Heart Principle imageThe Heart Principle image

The Heart Principle

Books | Helen Hoang

First romance book I’ve read that’s written through a woman’s neurodivergent perspective, and it was relatable, steamy, and cute! Loved the his and hers POVs between chapters too!

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The Kiss Quotient

Books | Helen Hoang

First romance book I’ve read that includes a love story for a woman past retirement age, and it was super cute! LOVE the Filipino cultural representation too!

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Once Upon a Sunset

Books | Tif Marcelo

Admittedly, I didn’t like the beginning until I got to page 5. From there, it was a quick, sometimes steamy, read. Love the grumpy-sunshine dynamic. The way that the main character, Lucy, is endearingly oblivious until the very last chapter made me want to keep reading!

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The Hating Game

Books | Sally Thorne

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