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Chelsea Allen



A must read for any Canadian. A glimpse into the lives of 5 Residential School survivors, the lifelong effects of their trauma, healing and triumph.

Five Little Indians imageFive Little Indians image

Five Little Indians

Books | Michelle Good

A very real, gutting depiction of the horrific, not so distant history of the treatment of Indigenous people in Canada. The places should be referred to as jails, not schools. Canadian needs to see this.

We Were Children imageWe Were Children image

We Were Children

Movies | Documentary

Loved this movie, an excellent portrayal of “unlearning” racism. It will leave you with a smile.

Green Book imageGreen Book image

Green Book

Movies | Drama

An enthralling read with an unexpected ending. Left me with a heartache.

The Vanishing Half imageThe Vanishing Half image

The Vanishing Half

Books | Brit Bennett

Hilarious and relatable for any Mom with a raunchy sense of humour. Loved it, can’t wait for season 5!

Workin' Moms imageWorkin' Moms image

Workin' Moms

Shows | Comedy

A real glimpse into the shadows of the effects of colonialism, addiction and homelessness. A work of hardship, love and triumph. This book will change the way you view all of the above and more.

From the Ashes imageFrom the Ashes image

From the Ashes

Books | Jesse Thistle

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