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This was a fun watch. It’s not scary at all but it was very entertaining. The kills are so dramatic in this movie so at times it’s kinda funny, but it’s also interesting enough that you want to keep watching. #halloween #Peacock #HalloweenKills

Halloween Kills imageHalloween Kills image

Halloween Kills

Movies | Horror

I feel like labeling this as a horror movie doesn’t really tell what it actually is. It’s a good movie, but it’s not a horror movie. It’s more like a psychological thriller and if you look at it from that standpoint, it would be considered a really good movie. I highly recommend it if you like movies like that. #psychologicalthriller #psychological_thriller

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Movies | Horror

This show is one of my favorites. It mainly focuses on solving the case, but it also has fleshed out characters with backstories, quirks, and flaws. They all play a part and every episode keeps you interested in how it will play out. #crime #drama #whodunit

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Criminal Minds

Shows | Crime

This show goes in-depth on serial killers. More about their lives before starting their life of crime, what they were like during their crimes, and the aftermath they left behind. Sometimes they even have detectives that worked on the case in the episodes as well. If you love true crime, this is for you. #truecrime #documentary

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Very Scary People

Shows | Documentary

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