Again this is a great show with good characters and fun stories, I could watch it on repeat and never get bored of it,一百分!

Cowboy Bebop imageCowboy Bebop image

Cowboy Bebop

Shows | Action & Adventure

This franchise has good show and movie with likable characters and a setting/story that gave them a lot to work with, this is one of my favorite things to put on when I need something to focus on.

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie imageCowboy Bebop: The Movie image

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Movies | Action

It’s hard to say since I’ve only watched one, but from what I’ve seen they’re definitely worth a shot. They make a story based of a true crime, then you listen to calls, and encounters involving to victim of the crime and you determine who you think did it. I watched the “Pretty Dead” Solve podcast and it was really good.

Solve imageSolve image


Podcasts | True Crime

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