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This isn’t just about a strip club. It’s about some of the interesting people of Chucalissa Mississippi. Uncle Clifford is the matriarch of her girls trying to help them get their money and use stripping as a stepping stone. My favorites are Uncle Clifford, Mercedes, Keyshawn, and Diamond. But I pretty much love them all EXCEPT Derrick. Season 2 is already very powerful starting out with the effects of CoVid! I love this show!!!!!!

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Shows | Drama

This is a really good movie! I remember the day Biggie died. Watching behind the scenes with such amazing actors just brought it all back. I truly hope Ms. Wallace and Tu PAC’s family get their justice one day. Excellent performance from Forest Whitaker and Johnny Depp.

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City of Lies

Movies | Crime

This movie was so good! Jeff the robot is the perfect “sidekick” in this interesting post apocalyptic story. Tons of laughable moments but be prepared to grab some tissue as well!

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Movies | Drama

I’ve watched a couple of episodes and this is really good. A little too good. Watching it is a bit hard but wonderful cast and brilliant acting!

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Shows | Drama

I’m hooked after watching the first 2 episodes! Not always the best acting but I love Thony and Fi. It’s not very predictable either which is a nice change.

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The Cleaning Lady

Shows | Drama

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