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I love comedy shows and action movies. Feel free to suggest some! I like tv and movies that have come out years ago and recently.


Amazing show. Funny. Enjoyed by all ages whether you were born in the 50s or the mid-2000s. It's unique, not based off some recycled plot. Hilarious and a real pick-me-up! Plus a very catchy theme song.

The Golden Girls imageThe Golden Girls image

The Golden Girls

Shows | Comedy

I love this show. It's really funny. I think it has a more realistic portrayl of an average, lower-class family. It's relatable and hilarious.

Married... with Children imageMarried... with Children image

Married... with Children

Shows | Comedy

Really funny. Great show to watch to cheer you up. Love it.

The King of Queens imageThe King of Queens image

The King of Queens

Shows | Comedy

Amazing show. Very funny, wholesome content, perfect family show. (Honestly hilarious)

The Goldbergs imageThe Goldbergs image

The Goldbergs

Shows | Comedy

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