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Told from the perspective of a seemingly ADHD protagonist who just kind of wants everyone to be ok even if her overwhelming anxiety makes that impossible for herself. Worth picking up a copy.

Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead imageEveryone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead image

Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead

Books | Emily Austin

If you believe in mermaids, you can belly flop off a 100 ft cliff and be just fine. This movie is ridiculous in a fun way. I realized part way through this would have made a fantastic anime film. The setting is gorgeous, the premise is outrageous. It's a live action anime.

The King's Daughter imageThe King's Daughter image

The King's Daughter

Movies | Action

Fittingly, it's a beautiful movie with a beautiful message. Highly recommend.

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Movies | Animation

Fun show with some amazingly talented singers! It gave me life. It's a great binge and I hope it gets a second season.

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Queen of the Universe


Neo still knows Kung Fu. Pretty fun once it got past the whole, "warner brothers was going to do this with or without the original creators so here we are, revisiting the matrix" meta thing.

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The Matrix 4

Movies | Action

Gangs dance fighting. What a fantastical world!

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West Side Story

Movies | Crime

In this prequel to Carol, the lives of Carol and Therese are explored in a different lens. Ok, so that's not true but this is an interesting and well told story with great acting.

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Nightmare Alley

Movies | Drama

A really great show and at 3 hour-ish episodes, a super easy binge.

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Too Close

Shows | Drama

I had no idea this was based on something and best I can tell, that knowledge is not necessary for enjoyment. The animation looked cool. It's a bit queer and that picks up around episode 5 which is when the story in general ramps up after the time jump in episode 4. It's pretty good and will have leave you on the edge of the seat.

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Shows | Animation

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