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More crime than drama. Tons of schemes and scams for the thriller lover in you. Honestly, if you enjoyed "Catch me if you can" WATCH THIS! btw based on a TRUE story. Thank me later

I Love You Phillip Morris imageI Love You Phillip Morris image

I Love You Phillip Morris

Movies | Comedy

A great adventure of a man, his pup and a robot. Not your average comedy and not too extreme on the sci-fi end.. but if you Liked "Chappie" and /or are a 🐕 lover. Don't hesitate. press play. enjoy the ride. thank me later.

Finch imageFinch image


Movies | Drama

A classic for all! If you know, ya know.

The Sandlot imageThe Sandlot image

The Sandlot

Movies | Comedy

A wonderful combination of witty - southern charm, meets an episode of Law & Order SVU. Easy to enjoy. A thrill to watch. & great acting.

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A Time to Kill

Movies | Crime

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