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I didn’t know it was a book series lol but I still liked it especially cause I prefer the movies >books cause I’m more of a visual learner. The graphics and the characters 🔥

Shadow and Bone imageShadow and Bone image

Shadow and Bone

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

I only watched it cause The girl that plays Brin goes to my school. And also cause I love tanner. Addisons acting was…something. It wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t good. Overall 7/10 teen romance movie

He's All That imageHe's All That image

He's All That

Movies | Comedy

wlw representation ig

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Everything Sucks!

Shows | Drama

BRO THEY LEFT US ON A CLIFFHANGER! but I mean I’ve read a couple of the book series and it was pretty accurate. I should prolly just finish reading the series cause Netflix cancelled it meaning there won’t be more episodes. But yeah I like the books and watching this it made the book “alive”

A Series of Unfortunate Events imageA Series of Unfortunate Events image

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Shows | Drama

It was wild. Good show. All the characters are hot lol. Would recommend cause it’s interesting.

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Shows | Drama

****** love this show but too bad it was cancelled☹️it’s pretty realistic

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Grand Army

Shows | Drama

i know 2 kids that are autistic and I learned a thing or two watching it and also the lgbtq representation 😩 #cazzie

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Shows | Drama

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