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I liked this while it was running. It's not as visceral as Shameless or You're the Worst; but, it is a close cousin.

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This wasn't on my radar because I'm not a fan of Black-washing Anglo stories as if that represents real equity. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this show, directed by Fred Savage, manages to dip into Black culture in a way that feels natural, respectful and uplifting while not imitating Fred's earlier show in lockstep. There's plenty of warmth and hints of US darkness. Still, the show avoids attacking the ugliest aspects of our looming history, currently repeating. It's worth a watch

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The Wonder Years

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This film takes some liberties in the attempt to excite folks who may not be thrilled by the alpha geek, strong female energy it kicks out. I dug it. Sure, it's predictable and less smart than the characters portrayed; but, you've definitely seen worse. The end is a bit protracted, which I don't think folks would mind so much if the cast was all male. I could be wrong. Anyway, if you're looking for geeky bubblegum, this is a good chew.

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The Aeronauts

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Stumbled into this schadenfreude, romantic tragedy and dug it. It doesn't do a lot that that surprises you, except, perhaps the ending, and a particularly nasty Toni Colette character. The lead here is played by an Almodovar veteran who is very relatable here. She's really the star of the show, though her unusual beauty makes her a lower priority in the typical Hollywood aesthetic. This is not a great film; but, it may tickle your sad romance string.

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