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This just barely made my likes list. Those who love Disney musicals like Frozen will undoubtedly love every second of Encanto. If you prefer the character driven stories delivered by early Pixar, this may strike you as shallow and vapid. Exposition dumps appear in the form of songs, because no one bothered to fill the space between the songs with that much story. There's a cloying sentimentality that attempts to say something about personal growth. Turn your brain off and limbo through. YMMV.

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Movies | Animation

If you're pro-military this flick is a no-brainer for you and you'll find plenty to love. If you're just looking for a well written, unpredictable story that informs your outlook on humanity, this may not be what you're looking for. The acting here is fine. The directing is competent. The story is simple and straightforward. My neighbors raved about it and were deeply touched. I was bored a bit. YMMV. You have seen worse.

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American Sniper

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This is a simple, sanitized story with some time travel, that follows the Disney formula for Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys style, kid mysteries. All serious social issues and real childhood pressures are removed or simplified to avoid insulting or challenging any intelligence. So, it makes for non-threatening, escapist entertainment that may unintentionally misinform sheltered minds. Well adjusted, conscious children will take it in stride, possibly love it. The stressed and traumatized won't relate.

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Secrets of Sulphur Springs


This is definitely a slow burn that's sparse on dialogue. Action scenes are few and spaced wide apart. That said, it's visually striking and a good setup for previously unexplored characters. It has fun moments, while not attempting to be a comedy. If you want wall to wall action, quips and jeopardy, this is not for you. It's more Iliad than 300. Marvel lovers will like this, undoubtedly. Folks unconvinced by superhero flicks won't be converted here. It's a worthy addition to the MCU.

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This is not a great, thought provoking or innovative show. I used it to fill the gap in sci-fi/fantasy at the time of release. If you like Jericho or Falling Skies this is in your lane. If you're looking for Jurassic Park ir Godzilla, you're probably going to be disappointed. YMMV.

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Terra Nova

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