Dexter Poe



Such a good show. All the best autumn vibes, with a good storyline.

Over the Garden Wall imageOver the Garden Wall image

Over the Garden Wall

Shows | Mystery

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS SHOW. I think everyone should at least give it a try, especially if you’re grieving. It hit home on a lot of subjects and was very comforting. It makes you think about things from different perspectives.

The Midnight Gospel imageThe Midnight Gospel image

The Midnight Gospel

Shows | Animation

Not the best show in the world or anything but it’s worth watching. Don’t let the fan base ruin your opinion of it.

Rick and Morty imageRick and Morty image

Rick and Morty

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Great movie, one of those you have to see at least once.

They Live imageThey Live image

They Live

Movies | Science Fiction

Super great show, it’s a classic that you’ve gotta watch if you’re into sci-fi. Underrated IMO, it touches on a lot of great topics.

Quantum Leap imageQuantum Leap image

Quantum Leap

Shows | Action & Adventure

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