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Domenica Brockman



Very fun book- with an interesting plot. The main character felt like hanging out with a funny, smart friend. While some of the themes are heavy (stalking) the characters are treated with compassion, and while there’s lots of drama, nothing too terrible happens.

The Hypnotist's Love Story imageThe Hypnotist's Love Story image

The Hypnotist's Love Story

Books | Liane Moriarty

Good premise- entertaining, with lots of exciting moments

Goodnight, Beautiful imageGoodnight, Beautiful image

Goodnight, Beautiful

Books | Aimee Molloy

Surprises and twists galore- and I really liked the premise: someone is eavesdropping on a therapist in his sessions with clients.

Goodnight Beautiful imageGoodnight Beautiful image

Goodnight Beautiful

Books | Aimee Molloy

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