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First time here, some of the books that the app said I read are not really what I read because It is my first time on. I am a 15-year-old freshman in high school. I don't aim for children's entertainment, I go for books suitable for my age or maybe 16+, maybe some classics or rare books. Back then I was a big fan of the I Survived series. Anyways, thanks for reading about me. 🙂 Currently reading: The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood


I watched this Thanksgiving break, it is creepy and probably my favorite horror movie, perfect for those who like the original film from from the 1970s, this movie shows Jordan Peele is not just a funny dude but also a good scary story teller, you could also check out Us, it is also a nice film. 🙂

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This is a book that I finished today, it is about a 16-year-old going through drug addiction, the words are arranged weirdly but you get the hang of it once in a while. I got a copy that says it could be recommended for teens 14+ so yeah, though I must give you a trigger warning, there is rape in this book so if you are not comfortable with that, then you do not have to read it. Anyways, I think this book is great and you learn that quitting or going into rehab does not solve the addiction fully. I would recommend this book.

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Watched this movie last night and I was pretty good, it is almost like a whodunnit mystery.

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Happy Death Day

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