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Spotlight: Shoah I didnt quite absorb this movie but there is no denying its power. It is a 9½ hour documentary about the Holocaust. In it we hear eyewitness accounts by people who survived and a couple interviews by perpetrators. It is not easy to watch and it definitely made me aware of my felt condition in many ways. People make an effort to put Ben Hur or Saving Private Ryan on yearly, there is no reason why this shouldn't shown too. Available on Vudu as a two-part purchase/rental.


Shang-Chi works on the solid ground that the MCU has established for it. It's Marvel's first Kung fu style effort with strong star power and some great choices in actor (my favorite of which was Tony Leung). It echoes Black Panther but it has way more action and is very funny as well. It is technically sound with an interesting enough story. Some special effects weren't the best in my opinion but the way those scenes were cut along with the style, the world building and the fun characters made it work. Do you like the MCU? See this. It's different without being too far removed.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings imageShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings image

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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I was not expecting to like this one but I do recommend it. A little heavy-handed in its execution but I do think we are in need of movies that make an effort to inspire and entertain. Mulan manages to to do both. I still like the animated movie a little more but this is a solid movie.

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If you like movies such as Stranger Than Fiction, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller version), Edge Of Tomorrow, Ready Player One, and The Matrix, then you have an idea for what you are getting with Free Guy. I'm usually critical of Ryan Reynolds but he and this movie was charming to the point where it completely disarmed me. Go see this movie and have a blast!

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Free Guy

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This movie reminds me of The Last Temptation Of Christ and The Seventh Seal (maybe even Ridley Scott's Legend). Do not watch it if you are expecting Excalibur or The Lord Of The Rings. You will be sorely disappointed. This is not to say that it shouldn't be seen but there is no swashbuckling action or grand special effects in the service of cheap entertainment. It's meditative (some might say ruminative), even challenging to watch. Keep an open mind and it may haunt you. The Green Knight was quite a curveball.

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The Green Knight

Movies | Drama

Such a spectacular movie. In terms of scope and even it's portrayal of the madness of men it rivals great epics like Ben Hur and Braveheart to tragic war movies like Apocalypse Now. This is a psychological nightmare caught on film. It's a tragedy so be warned. I found it difficult to digest but Kurosawa was a master filmmaker and this is a great example of his talent.

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I'm not sure this movie is a success (at least not for me) so I don't have a definitive view on it. It's the kind of movie that makes the act of rating feel cheap. Some things didn't work for me (like the performance of the boy who plays Peter Pan) but the filmmakers really went for something here and when it worked it REALLY worked. I have to admit that if this indeed is a failed attempt I would rather have more of these than skillfully made cynical or overly violent movies. I recommend giving it a chance.

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What a fantastic movie. Tom Hanks is wonderful as always but the young actress Helena Zengel deserves special mention. Her power is in her presence and she holds her own. Not an overly violent movie which is great for a western. News Of The World has a lot of heart. It is worth your time and I hope it gets a wider release soon.

News of the World imageNews of the World image

News of the World

Movies | Drama

This book opened me up to the Christian faith in a big way. I do believe it is a great bridge and companion book to The Bible. I'm grateful that I found it. I have also given it to two of my friends as gifts. Highly recommend this one! Official rating: 5 stars out of 5

The Red Sea Rules imageThe Red Sea Rules image

The Red Sea Rules

Books | Robert Morgan

Minari, along with Nomadland and First Cow really put a smile on my face. These are movies that are much more than just throwaway entertainment. They're genuine artistic examples of potential future classics. Simple, compassionate, and reverent. This is definitely one of the finer films in quite some time. See it where you can. Hopefully if the pandemic clears up movie theaters will screen it again for a wider audience.

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Wonderful adaptation of Exodus! One of those movies to give you Chills and soften your heart.

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The Prince of Egypt

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