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Hit and miss for me but I'm putting this out there because I don't think that I'm the audience this movie was aiming for, and yet I liked it overall. And it's not everyday you'll see a zombie musical.

Anna and the Apocalypse imageAnna and the Apocalypse image

Anna and the Apocalypse

Movies | Horror

Great noir horror that I wasn't expecting to love so much. They got pretty much everything right from the mystery to the tone. I enjoyed the performances and thought the direction was impeccable. I will be rewatching this in October on a yearly basis.

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Angel Heart

Movies | Horror

What I like about Michelangelo Antonioni is that he frees himself from the traps of plot convention and takes his time. Some may find it slow but I for one was with it the whole way through. You can see its influence on movies like Blow Out and The Conversation only this movie isn't concerned with moving itself forward through the plot.

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Movies | Drama

If you love City Of God (as I do!) you will love this movie. Engrossing from beginning to end.

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Sin Nombre

Movies | Drama

This movie lays it on kind of thick with Paul Newman being a hard-ass but overall I really liked it.

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Movies | Action

A strong crowd-pleaser with good performances all around. If you catch this on a streaming service it would be a good choice.

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The Rainmaker

Movies | Drama

I don't know how Chole Zhao is able to direct in such a way where the core story can be contained in a small quiet scene where a character holds so much emotion but doesn't say a word. She just knows intuitively how to draw us in and make us care and she makes it look effortless. This is such a powerful movie and it shows that power is most strong when it is self-contained. If you haven't seen this don't waste time. Rent it or buy it. It's worth the time and money.

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The Rider

Movies | Drama

Such a fun thriller that I think is still very much under the radar. Short and lean with a simple story that adds a neat twist. There are elements of Chronicle, The Prestige, and Iron Man. Worth the watch!

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Movies | Drama

Wonderful coming of age movie. If you like The Perks Of Being A Wallflower you will probably connect with this one as well.

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Giant Little Ones

Movies | Drama

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