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Estelle Goueth



My guys!!! Really good show. I doubt there is any show in their lane. Good job guys

Psych imagePsych image


Shows | Mystery

Love this show. I guess Hollywood wants us to believe that every genius comes with a **** ton of person issues and a whole lot of erratic energy. This is the crime version of house in some way. The show is amazing.

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Lie to Me

Shows | Crime

Very funny momets

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Uncle Drew

Movies | Comedy

Absolutely impressed with this movie. Kevin you did a good job. I didn't have high expectations because of the comedy side but it was a pleasure to see you be you, but also in character so well. Flawless job.

The Upside imageThe Upside image

The Upside

Movies | Comedy

This is such a good show. Suspense is great. The show ends at 3 seasons which sucks. Eric beaumont is a crisis negotiator who steps in when the cops are not an option. The cast is diverse, well dressed all across and flow well with each other. Absolutely worth the watch. #bingeworthy

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Shows | Crime

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