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I read this years ago. It’s a book that I will reread and it’ll never leave my library #personal_growth #selfhelp

You Are a Badass imageYou Are a Badass image

You Are a Badass

Books | Jen Sincero

I’m not a parent, I bought and read this book looking for a new angle to heal childhood trauma. It was so helpful and healing #selfhelp #childhood #parenting #healing

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read imageThe Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read image

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read

Books | Philippa Perry

Very informational, used this as a reference for working as a makeup museum tour guide #makeup_artists #makeup #history

Compacts and Cosmetics imageCompacts and Cosmetics image

Compacts and Cosmetics

Books | Madeleine Marsh

Your relationship doesn’t have to be in jeopardy to benefit from this book#family_and_relationships

Wired for Love imageWired for Love image

Wired for Love

Books | Stan Tatkin

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