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We are a book loving duo who have come together to make a podcast about the books we love, the books we hate and all the books in between. Sam is a loving dog mom who enjoys the suspense of a good mystery book, Liz is a collector of shiny things who enjoys disappearing into a good fantasy book, and together we are the Escape With Me Book Club! Come with us as we evade reality and disappear into a new book! Find us on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and anywhere else you can listen to podcasts.


The best types of thief stories are the ones with a handsome rogue who seems to have the charm and confidence to never be caught. Well, Catch Me if You Can is one of those stories, but it's also about events that actually happened. Follow Frank as he charms his way onto airplanes, into banks, and into beds as he tells us about the events of his teen and young adult years. #thief #airlines #banks #con_artists #true_crime #ewm_bookclub

Catch Me If You Can imageCatch Me If You Can image

Catch Me If You Can

Books | Frank W. Abagnale

World War Z is a fantastic compilation of interview stories from a world that has just overcome being overrun by zombies. Each story leads you deeper down the rabbit hole towards understanding what this world went through and is still dealing with, somewhat, with the zombie plague. It is a fascinating read and will leave you with a new appreciation of zombie kind. #zombie #interviews #worldwide #ewm_bookclub

World War Z imageWorld War Z image

World War Z

Books | Max Brooks

The Graveyard Book is an eerie tale of a boy raised in a graveyard by a host of ghosts. This book comprises several short stories following Bod as he grows up in the world of the dead. Each story is a fun little adventure that gives you a puzzle piece that fits right into the ending as everything comes together. #ghost #death #jack_of_all_trades #vampire #ewm_bookclub

The Graveyard Book imageThe Graveyard Book image

The Graveyard Book

Books | Neil Gaiman

Louisiana Longshot is a fun mystery and comedy in the same breath. The main character is a CIA agent forced to move to small-town Louisiana, and shenanigans ensue. The two little old ladies at the forefront of the story are the best characters and complete terrors in this book, and we aspire to be just like them when we get old. #louisiana #cia #swamp #mystery_and_detective #ewm_bookclub

Louisiana Longshot imageLouisiana Longshot image

Louisiana Longshot

Books | Jana DeLeon

Murder, She Knit is a cozy mystery that ticks all the boxes, however it does not really push past the checklist. While the mystery is interesting, the main character efforts detracts from the book and make her look psychotic (looking at you: murdered her for yarn to perform ancient Peruvian fertility rituals). In the end, it has too many suspects to investigate, an unsatisfying ending as the villian gives up for no reason, and the long awaited romance subplot is ignored in favor of napping. #cozy

Murder, She Knit imageMurder, She Knit image

Murder, She Knit

Books | Peggy Ehrhart

The Secret of the Old Clock (1950's rewrite) is the first of the Nancy Drew series. Nancy is a good role model for children while also being exciting, clever and independent. The solution is fair and something the reader could solve on their own while not detracting from Nancy figuring it out at the end of the book. A great read for anyone in search for a solid and classic mystery. #NancyDrew #Detective #Mystery #ewm_bookclub

The Secret of the Old Clock imageThe Secret of the Old Clock image

The Secret of the Old Clock

Books | Carolyn Keene

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