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Francesca Christelle



Just a wanna be writer who acts and teaches preschool. My taste is as eclectic as my life.


Hilariously enough, I don't watch the show for the "new girl" Jess. I find her character absurdly annoying and a waste of energy. But yhe other characters and story lines more than make up for her ****, making it a rewarthable one for me

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New Girl

Shows | Comedy

Seriously read in like a week and a half. This Bellinger sister novel was even better than the first one. Steamier too. And I definitely fell head over heals for Fox, the male Lead

Hook, Line, and Sinker imageHook, Line, and Sinker image

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Books | Tessa Bailey

Honestly steamy fron start to finish. I loved it. Definitely another win for Tessa Bailey. Only thing that disappointed me was how short of a read it was.

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My Killer Vacation

Books | Tessa Bailey

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