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I really liked this show. Nothing too graphic and explored deep complexities in father-son relationships, which I feel often get overlooked with father-daughter or mother-daughter or even mother-son.

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The Patient

Shows | Drama

Listen, I know I am years behind on this one, so if you are too…stop what you are doing and go watch! I laughed, I cried, I felt warm inside! This was the perfect movie for a night in by myself with a bowl of popcorn and my feelings to comfort me. It made me think about all the people I love, and made me remember why my mom always taught me to say I love you when you say goodbye.

The Big Sick imageThe Big Sick image

The Big Sick

Movies | Comedy

A very unique way to tell a story! It was fast and quick-witted. Also, very pretty to look at. It honored the feel of old film noire, but mixed with gore of modern day. The stylized look of the film is fun to engage with and adds to the “classic” crime feel. The story is compelling and delivers its own brand of justice. It is eclectic but somehow brings it all together!

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Sin City

Movies | Action

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