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Not the greatest in storytelling or characters but Holy Sh*t does this movie have incredible sound design. The animation is perfection as always but you MUST watch this with headphones in, the amount of realistic detail in each sound effect is mind blowing.

From Up on Poppy Hill imageFrom Up on Poppy Hill image

From Up on Poppy Hill

Movies | Animation

This movie deals with death in a very blunt way but it will leave a very positive impact on your children regarding empathy and coping. Classic Don Bluth storytelling full of flavor and crunch.

The Land Before Time imageThe Land Before Time image

The Land Before Time

Movies | Animation

I'm no longer religious and this movie still absolutely slaps. The music is sensational, the animation is beautiful. This movie portrays the Bible story in a stunning and interesting way. Great watch for anyone of any creed, agnostic, or atheist.

The Prince of Egypt imageThe Prince of Egypt image

The Prince of Egypt

Movies | Adventure

Really good animation and so full of action! I like the interesting directions the stories take.

What If...? imageWhat If...? image

What If...?

Shows | Animation

The only time "high octane fun" would apply as a review for a movie.

Redline imageRedline image


Movies | Fantasy

This movie destroyed me emotionally. This is a hard to watch film from a time when nuclear war was a real threat. This movie has a similar unnerving feel as the movie Threads but shows a perspective that is more relatable and down to earth. Very, very sad movie that will leave you upset but I definitely do not regret watching it.

When the Wind Blows imageWhen the Wind Blows image

When the Wind Blows

Movies | Animation

I like dinosaurs, this movie owns.

Dinosaur imageDinosaur image


Movies | Animation

Wonderful animation, good music, very unique storytelling. The horses don't speak! Not very typical for animal movies but the animators mastered their craft, the emotions get portrayed incredibly in the body language and facial expression of the horses. A great movie for any horse lover.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron imageSpirit: Stallion of the Cimarron image

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Movies | Western

Uses rotoscoping technique and has a ton of stories that all merge into the main plot. One of the stories inspired the movie 'The Fifth Element'!. This movie is awesome.

Heavy Metal imageHeavy Metal image

Heavy Metal

Movies | Animation

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