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Okay the war seemed like the least important side plot, but when i tell you this movie is the reason i’m an absolute witchy, kitchen flippin, home renovatin, demon slayin, designer havin, cottage core livin, dog kissin est bitch you’ve ever met... THIS IS WHY. THIS IS WHY I’LL NEVER BE SETTLED. THIS IS WHY I CAN NEVER KNOW PEACE. UNTIL I HAVE A LOVE LIKE THAT. UNTIL I LIVE IN A HOME LIKE THAT. I DESERVE GOOD THINGS BECAUSE THIS MOVIE DID NOT HAVE TO COME ALONG AND MAKE ME LIKE THIS!

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Howl's Moving Castle

Movies | Fantasy

Beautifully shot, well executed, full characters. This is much more than a fight. this film teeters between toxic couple who refuse to leave each other and a couple with a lot of issues to work out. the will they won’t they of the film is rather intriguing as the movie takes you over the coals of their relationship

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Malcolm & Marie

Movies | Romance

A story of grief and trauma and the conflicts that can arise when one runs from the pain they feel instead of dealing with it

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Shows | Action & Adventure

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