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As an Asian-American, it's interesting to see a K-drama cover the topic of mental health with a little more depth than what usually is shown/talked about in Asian cultures. There is so much more that could have been explored/taught about mental illness and how to be a good support to yourself or others, but I think this is a good step into breaking new ground--that people might grow in empathy and imagination to better assist those who live with short or long term mental illness.

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Okay, listen. I thought the art style was refreshing and so unique in the world of anime! I couldn't help but be immediate captivated by the characters/development, story, cinematography, and music! It is wholesome... With some sudden dark moments that might shock you in juxtaposition with the hopeful and encouraged atmosphere the episode sets you up for prior. I have mixed feelings on the ending... BUT overall a great show and I look forward to the next season.

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Ranking of Kings

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This is a nice change of pace for a slice-of-life anime. As someone who had to "grow up" faster than my peers and enjoys a little dark humor, this show can help you feel seen in the everyday ups-and-downs. It's honest about the blah parts of adult life, and it still gently encourages you to look and lean into the good things in you and around you. It definitely made me laugh and smile during a rough time.

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Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan

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Death is a part of life and life isn't easy. As people, we can understand each other and yet not understand a single thing about another. This show is done so well through the simple and subtle ways it tells the story of the people you encounter and the spaces we occupy, even as strangers to one other. The style is unique, and the work is well-thought out. It makes you reflect on our actions as we exist in this world. It was worth every emotion elicited from deep within.

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Move to Heaven

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