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I did not expect to see brains hit the pavement in the first minute of this, it's also a rare occasion where the dub actually is good. Highly recommend!

Riding Bean imageRiding Bean image

Riding Bean

Movies | Action

Just finished season 1, and already really enjoying it. I didn't expect to like this at all, funny but juvenile

Frisky Dingo imageFrisky Dingo image

Frisky Dingo

Shows | Animation

Really good movie but the ending made it feel like a waste of time

Infernal Affairs imageInfernal Affairs image

Infernal Affairs

Movies | Drama

This movie is still plenty relevant today, but I have to admit it seems incredibly biased and the main antagonists are made so comically caricaturistic that it sort of weakens the point that I think it's trying to make

Punishment Park imagePunishment Park image

Punishment Park

Movies | Drama

Not a terrible movie, but I can't really understand why the husband wants to get revenge for his wife after she cheats on him? The entire first 25 minutes of this movie is just soft core cuckold ****, it's very hard to care or sympathize with the wife being murdered when you see how terrible she is. It would make more sense to see the husband get revenge and have ill feelings about his wife, but instead he just kind of skims over the whole cheating thing pretty easily

Seeding of a Ghost imageSeeding of a Ghost image

Seeding of a Ghost

Movies | Horror

This movie starts off very strong but the ending leaves much to be desired

When a Stranger Calls imageWhen a Stranger Calls image

When a Stranger Calls

Movies | Horror

Great movie, the entire cast is likeable and we all need a friend like Mark

A Better Tomorrow imageA Better Tomorrow image

A Better Tomorrow

Movies | Action

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