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This show has no boundaries. Honestly perfect anime for people like me. Lots of murder and despair. I'm tired of happy ending bs! if you like crazy but a somehow nostalgic feeling of love and betrayal this is perfect! 9/10

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The Future Diary

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It's pretty good kinda weird but good. Definitely the ideal male fantasy. I recommend to men more but my sister likes it so women feel free to watch 7/10

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Chivalry of a Failed Knight

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Great show! the hero isn't some random from another word ready to die for something or someone he knows nothing about. The hero is scared, he can feel pain unlike most anime Subaru is weak. Subaru is unlucky in his avenger to save a girl he fell in love with and be by her side, Subaru dies 11 times. With his pretty much useless ability he revives from a recent check point only to live through the same pain again. This anime really let's you feel the pain of Subaru 10/10 rem best girl

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Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

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I'll give an actual answer to if it's good instead of "9/10" the anime follows a gamer who is play the last few moments of a vr mmo rpg before servers get shut down. Opon the games last moments he is transferred into another word with is npcs and base. (Brief analysis) I personally like the anime because its actually like a video game, they do a whole bunch of random stuff that doesn't need to be included but I'm glad it is. Unpopular opinion I actually like op mcs. Hard to explain 8/10

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