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an absolute (cult) classic & hilarious but probably for a niche audience. filled with 80s high school nostalgia (or for us 90s kids, all the hand-me-down media we got) and charming with a somewhat unexpected plotline (if you aren't familiar with the movie, that is). definitely fun, maybe not for the whole family though

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hilarious, cute, and a little bit morbid but very fun! every actor in this movie showed up to work and the film reflects that. there will never be a cast quite like this again, their natural chemistry and the effortless humor is apparent and makes me immediately wary of any reboots. 'Addams Family Values' was, in many ways, better than the previous movie in this Addams Family iteration. the full set of characters were charming and well developed. truly a well rounded movie.

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Addams Family Values

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