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I think anything that can make me cry is already a great movie. I cry during almost all movies I question everything, yet find beauty in the unknown and frustration of not knowing everything - movies & tv shows help to bring my day dream realities to life


This show BLEW MY MIND! I cannot wait for the second season already- random pick and it’s an amazing story! Youre always on the edge of your seat and constantly want to know what happens next! #fastwatch there’s only 8 episodes

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Sweet Tooth

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Nothing is more powerful than a parents love for their child. It can pull people together or pull them apart. This beautiful master piece offers the public a look into a parents perspective on the loss of their child. Gun violence is a hot topic and it’s still rising today- this piece really shun a light on an issue that isn’t widely talked about. Thank you for providing an outlet and depicting such a strong emotional piece for parents and loved ones who have lost someone due to gun violence.

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If Anything Happens I Love You


It was decent- watched it on Oscar Night for an Oscar winners marathon. I thought the idea was really unique and there was a definite message for change. I just wish there was more or that there was another factor to it. Overall, I thought it was very special for people of color and gun violence/police violence today. I think we need more films/documentaries/movies similar to this on the issue.

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Two Distant Strangers


It rings in your heart. It opens your mind to new way of life and really gets you to see another side the older population could potentially or is struggling with. Very real- real people, real stories. Inspirational.

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