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Just watched this and I must say, it was great. I love the youth, adventure/thriller type movies, Goodies to IT. This one reminded me a bit of The Burbs. Fall is here and it's Horror Thriller season. Add this to your list if you haven't watched yet.

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Summer of 84

Movies | Thriller

Despite him playing for the Yankees (lol), I was always a distant fan of Jeters. Was hard not to root for him. This 7 part doc gave some great insights to his pre pro years and then obviously the ups and (some) downs of his pro career and what drove his desire to win. It also included his relationship with A-Rod, and don't forget the "gift baskets" lol. A must watch for baseball fans, sports fans, or, well, anyone really.

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The Captain

Shows | Documentary

I enjoyed it. Wasn't the best movie I've ever watched l, but kept me entertained. Great cast. Certainly something different, which is great IMO.

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Movies | Mystery

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