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With strong performances backed by inspired writing and commanding scenery, Yellowstone does for cowboys and ranching what Sons Of Anarchy did for motorcycle clubs. An examination of loyalties and legacies, where generations fight for the survival of their land much like the future of SAMCRO was at stake. Kevin Costner may have notable film roles under his belt but he truly is John Dutton. Bingeable and highly recommended.

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Shows | Drama

Forget what you think you know about Val Kilmer and watch this beautifully personal portrait of a man and artist and a testament to his enduring love and dedication to his craft. What Kilmer has endured emotionally and physically is both heart-breaking and inspiring. I would never have called myself a fan of his but, through this terrific documentary, I have gained a greater appreciation for Kilmer that even goes far beyond forgiveness for Batman Forever. A must-watch.

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Movies | Documentary

A passable popcorn disaster flick that I really wish Gerard Butler had the influence to call #TheSkyHasFallen. While not as flashy as any of Emmerich’s world-ending parties, it’s more like a condensed Deep Impact only without any astronauts, just a dash of family drama and a mere glimpse of the usual cinematic darkness that consumes society on the brink of an extinction level event. Thank you, Amazon, for picking up the tab.

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Movies | Action

Truly a light-hearted comedy that’s not everyone taste, like other NBC comedies. Agree with The Office meets Walmart parallels as well as the likely appeal to those like myself who have had experience or continue to work in retail.

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Shows | Comedy

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