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Wow! I am so glad I happened across some comments about this show. I'm one of the weirdos who watch The Office on a daily basis ( yes, you read that correctly, lol) So imagine my excitement when I read that Jury Duty is brought to us in part by Lee Eisenberg, next best thing to Greg Daniels, imo. Just started it but I love how the cast already gels and mockumentary style is what he knows best so I hope to see this show blow up!

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Jury Duty


I can't say enough about this movie. If you want to laugh and cry simultaneously, this will do the trick. Hanks and the whole cast are amazing!

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A Man Called Otto

Movies | Drama

Great way to pass some time and get some inside scoop on the making of each episode of the best show ever, The Office

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Office Ladies

Podcasts | Comedy

I absolutely love this podcast! Don't miss her brand new podcast as well called SERIALously as well!

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10 to LIFE!

Podcasts | News Commentary

One of my all time favorites! Terrance Howard kills it in this! Ya know it's hard out there for a pimp! Lol

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Hustle & Flow

Movies | Drama

Just finished watching this and it's pretty creepy. Pretty predictable but creepy none the less..

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Movies | Drama

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