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Jongho Byun



Fun reading with a some thought-provoking stories

Born a Crime imageBorn a Crime image

Born a Crime

Books | Trevor Noah

Keeps you engaged throughout the book. Very entertaining book

The Last Thing He Told Me imageThe Last Thing He Told Me image

The Last Thing He Told Me

Books | Laura Dave

Great book written by Gladwell to portray this ideas using real life stories and how it us difficult it is for us to understand strangers as human beings are trust based and highly coupled with our environment. We must be careful when dealing with a stranger. This book may be triggering as it talks about suicide, sexual assault cases, and cases involving minors.

Talking to Strangers imageTalking to Strangers image

Talking to Strangers

Books | Malcolm Gladwell

I really liked part 1 and 2, but I personally thought part 3 was tough to get through. Definitely was an easy read for those first two parts. Overall, a good book and concepts talked about

David and Goliath imageDavid and Goliath image

David and Goliath

Books | Malcolm Gladwell

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