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i thought it was a good story overall, but i think some of the scenes came on too fast and wished some of it was fleshed out a bit more for a more satisfying outcome.

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A Touch of Darkness

Books | Scarlett St Clair

i thought the plot was interesting and a good continuation of the first book, but the story could be repetitive at times which could’ve significantly shortened the length of the book if the over explaining was taken out. the dialogue was also very repetitive between characters. i could tell sometimes the author was trying to be funny or clever in the middle of a serious scene which really took me out of the story sometimes.

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A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire

Books | Jennifer L. Armentrout

i would not say i liked the book. i found it quite annoying at times, and even though the cliffhanger was predictable, it still makes me want to read the third book to see what happens.

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Books | Tracy Wolff

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