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Jose Moreira



This is a weird one - I find Apatow humour light and easy. These characters are flawed and at times alarmingly desperate and dysfunctional but who can't have a chuckle at a loveless sex romp with a an adult child-baby or a grown man struggling to assert himself as he tries to do his job teaching an arrogant self centered child actor. File this as a light break between deep dramas and intense thrillers when you miss that group of misfit roommates you'd never name your child after

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Excellent portrayal - it tests your ability to look beyond your 21st century idea of sex and step into hypocrital world of 18th century Europe where sex and power dance a fine line between your station in life and OUR present day concept of sociological deviance. Some romanticized 21st century ideas of 'love' - but the limited choices available to women whose invisible labour makes them chaste arm candy wives or sexual creatures doesn't mean that they didn't find ways to survive. Fascinating - keep your small children away and that includes the sexually immature...

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