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8/10. Early Chaney - Browning collaboration. Interesting use of perspective as trick photography in giant ape shots. Better work from Chaney to come.

The Unholy Three imageThe Unholy Three image

The Unholy Three

Movies | Crime

8.5/10. Great original film. Jamaica's 1st feature film and a classic. Patois, ganja and reggae, mon.

The Harder They Come imageThe Harder They Come image

The Harder They Come

Movies | Crime

8/10. Excellent documentary film about a hardworking, honest Toronto band that hit the big time in the early 80s.

Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine imageTriumph: Rock & Roll Machine image

Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine

Movies | Documentary

8/10. Quirky charcters. Mildly funny and silly. Entertaining in a pure, simplistic form. Largely forgotten film. Very light fare.

Bottle Rocket imageBottle Rocket image

Bottle Rocket

Movies | Comedy

9.5/10. A music professor protagonist struggles with the nature of beauty vs art. Unbeknownst to him, his homoerotic fascination with a young boy is really a growing attraction to the Angel of Death. The atmosphere and young boy's wardrobe shifts throughout the film from bright/white to dark/black. The surreal vibe is complemented with a beautiful, melancholy soundtrack by Mahler. The classic final scene portrays the Angel of Death pointing to his next boat of victims.

Death in Venice imageDeath in Venice image

Death in Venice

Movies | Drama

7.5/10. Early film about rape and abuse of a deaf and mute woman in the Maritimes. Good acting starring Lew Ayres (All Quiet On The Western Front) and Jane Wyman (Ronald Reagan's ex).

Johnny Belinda imageJohnny Belinda image

Johnny Belinda

Movies | Drama

9/10. Inspirational film with great cinematography and character depth. Classic theme and beach scene at beginning and end. Best Picture Oscar winner, that hasn't aged well.

Chariots of Fire imageChariots of Fire image

Chariots of Fire

Movies | Drama

7.5/10. Very well acted and structured. Unnecessarily slow. Somewhat pointless.

Moonlight imageMoonlight image


Movies | Drama

7.5/10. Silly but hilarious comedy. Weak at times, but makes it up with several cheap laughs.

The Watch imageThe Watch image

The Watch

Movies | Comedy

8.5/10. Unique dark comedy from New Zealand. So silly it's hilarious! Highly recommend for a good laugh.

What We Do in the Shadows imageWhat We Do in the Shadows image

What We Do in the Shadows

Movies | Comedy

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