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7.5/10. Uniquely original comedy based in Scotland. Light far, lovely cinematography ans smartly written.

What We Did on Our Holiday imageWhat We Did on Our Holiday image

What We Did on Our Holiday

Movies | Comedy

9/10. Epic Best Picture winner at the 1931 Academy Awards. Historical story about the development of Oklahoma from 1880s to 1920s. Despite the film's historical significance, it has come under the attack of today's pitchfork-yielding wokists.

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Movies | Drama

8/10. Well acted, simple plot about a 34 year old Italian butcher looking for love in New York.

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Movies | Drama

8/10. Must see for Gomorrah series fans! Ties up various plot lines very nicely.

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The Immortal

Movies | Action

7/10. Must see for wine aficionados. Documentary of Burgundy wine making experts running through various aspects of their craft and experiences. All the ingredients of a fine documentary except that it fails to engage the viewer in any meaningful way. In fact, as an overall production, it comes across as quote boring, despite my hoping it would be otherwise.

Grand Cru imageGrand Cru image

Grand Cru

Movies | Documentary

7.5/10. Honest, down-to-earth documentary about a tiny Greenwich Village guitar shop, specializing in building Fender model guitars out of reclaimed neighbourhood wood.

Carmine Street Guitars imageCarmine Street Guitars image

Carmine Street Guitars

Movies | Documentary

8.5/10. Stunning Gilliam production with an ensemble cast. Visuals are grand, and the plot jumps from glorious scene to scene. Everything is over the top, in the vein of Gilliam's contributions to Monty Python. Several scenes are timeless.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen imageThe Adventures of Baron Munchausen image

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Movies | Action

8.5. Beautiful film, which unfolds from one story to another unexpectedly. Different paths over time, yet running in parallel. Engaging and entertaining. Well acted.

The Place Beyond the Pines imageThe Place Beyond the Pines image

The Place Beyond the Pines

Movies | Drama

9/10. Epic film taking place in 15th century Russia. Different acts are woven together to provide a perspective on the nature of human existence, Christian morality and the ideal of art.

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Andrei Rublev

Movies | Drama

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